Learning Programs

For 2-7 years old kids

Phonics Program

Phonics Program

Learning phonics is fun and easy with our online phonics program of 22 comprehensive classes. Make your child a skilled reader, with strong base in phonics words, an understanding of the sounds of letters and words, and improved communication skills.

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Maths Program

Maths Program

Fun and interactive online math practice kids love! Learn preschool math skills with fun kindergarten math games, fun math worksheets, identifying shapes and numbers with our online math program of 22 classes.

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STEM Program

STEM Program

Fun and engaging preschool STEM learning (science, technology, engineering, and math), to create STEM-literate kids and inspire them for lifetime with our integrated STEM program of 22 classes.

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What will my child learn ?

Cognition skills

Art skills

Communication skills

Social skills

Cognition Skills

"I look at the world around me, and try to understand what I see"

  • Colors | Shapes | Sorting | Lacing | Matching
  • Color Mixing | Float & Sink
  • Diet | Healthy Eating Habits | Basic Nutrition
  • Understanding Emotions | Quantity

Communication Skills

"I hear many things - sounds and voices. I try and make some of my own"

  • Environment Sounds | Rhymes
  • Exploring the world of sounds
  • Alliteration, Word Box
  • Understanding Emotions | Quantity

Social Skills

"I see things around me - some look like me, some don't. I'm still learning"

  • Face | Basic Body Part Awareness
  • Fruits | Vegetables | Transportation
  • Seasons
  • Sun | Moons | Stars | Planets | Universe

Art Skills

"Getting messy is fun. I feel new things and see what all I can do with them."

  • Fun with Play Dough
  • Color mixing, float & sink
  • Body Percussion
  • Animal Puppets

What's in my learning kit?

Activity sheets

to reinforce the concepts being learnt every month.


3-4 learning toys in every monthly kit that are in sync with learning curriculum

Art and craft

To develop their fine and gross motor skills, expression and creativity.


Age appropriate, picture enabled books to develop them into life long readers

Get teachers support and engaging online content

Interactive classes

Personalized live sessions to enable peer-to-peer and teacher-student interaction

Learning App

Reinforce and practice the imbibed concepts through varieties of digitally curated content

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Fun-filled age-appropriate online games, rhymes, educational videos and much more to boost your child's foundational maths, english, problem-solving and other important life-skills


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