Comprehensive Phonics classes for 4-6 year olds

Play-led Learning for 4-6 year olds

Enable your child to read and write independently

Phonics specialized content and teachers at your fingertip

See your child communicate independently

Outcome based program with plan for every class

Greater Accuracy and Reading Speed

Personalized Interactive classes with quality activity kits & toys

Age appropriate books to encourage self reading

Access to phonics games & puzzles on the learning app

Age appropriate books to encourage self reading

Glimpses of Our Phonics classes for kids


Make it easy for your child to read and write

Developing independent reading with excellent pronunciations and accents. At the end, we mould them into read-addicts!" as the text below

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Let your child ace spellings and speaking

Building the little ones' speak confidently with utmost accuracy and fluency in just no time

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Get free access to phonics games and puzzles to help your child improve their reading and writing abilities. With the help of this engaging app that is jam-packed with fantastic phonics lessons and activities, you can help your child discover the true meaning of learning through play.


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All the Reasons to Choose our Phonics Classes For Kids

Sufficed Syllabus?

Systematically designed age-wise curriculum. No doubts!

Limited Benefits?

Sound Associations, Letter Formations, spellings, words & much more


Turn your child to an independent speaker

Not Enough?

45-60 Mins Class, 3 Times A Week. What More?

Meet our Teachers

Srilaxmi Patnala

Educator/Academic Counsellor

Teaching is her passion, profession and love for kids is endless. With a teaching experience of over 7 years, Srilaxmi has worked for kids friendly companies like KUMON,CUEMATH,PLABO and is exposed to ...

Dinpiliu Charenamei

Educator/Academic Counsellor

Trained by Knowledge Universe of Singapore and certified in Jolly Phonics/ Literacy, Dinpiliu has 5+ years at international chain Bright Horizons and loves to be around children. She is a calm, patien ...

Pinky Pradhan

Senior Teacher/ Counsellor

Trained by Knowledge Universe of Singapore, Pinky has 7+ years of kindergarten experience at international chain Bright Horizons. Working in the field of Early Childhood Education has always been her ...

What Our Happy Customers Say?

Hello, it has been a great journey with Wonderhood. I couldn't have asked for a better school for my daughter. She just completed 6 months with wonderLearn. It has been an amazing experience.

Sameer Saxena

Father of a 3.7 year old

Wonderlearn platform is a flexible platform as they offer evening classes. My child Vivaansh used to eagerly wait for the classes n activities. Toys,teaching and technology was impressive and qualitative.


Mother of a 4.5-year old

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