wonderLearn Tetris Board Aryabhatta Maths Puzzle for 3+ Year Old - Fun Learning Practice Math Games, Analytical Skills, Learn Counting, Addition & Subtraction

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About the Product

  • A classic game for kids - Tetris! The fun math game for 3+ years old kid. Go beyond facts with this multiplication game that helps students begin to understand multiplication in a fun way! The classic problem solving math game Tetris, helps kid understand numeracy more effectively!
  • This kit contains 1 wooden Tetris frame, different colored wooden pieces, 3 sheet inserts. Play as a fun competitive game or use it to learn early foundational.
  • Feel the joy of Tetris, a game that has captured the imagination of generation after generation. Experience how to learn and practice early Math concepts while playing with this classic game for kids.
  • Kids will have hours of fun playing with this evergreen loved game of Tetris which will develop their love for Math and number operations.
  • Our wide range of toys and games will help your children have a fun time while learning new skills. They can explore their creativity, imagination and analytical thinking, while playing.
  • wonderLearn app offers the perfect supplement to your kids' current learning experience. The app allows children to learn by playing. Scan the toy and get digital learning content on the same opened in your app. Available on Android and iOS.

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