wonderLearn Wild Animals Flash Cards - Wild animals Quiz for Kids, Learning & Interactive Toy for 3 + Years

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About the Product

  • Introduce your children to the fascinating world of wild animals with the Wild Animals Quiz Talking Flash Cards. These colorful and fun flash cards are designed as a guessing puzzle game, allowing children to learn about the homes, babies, food, and unique features of various wild animals. 
  • Educational and Interactive: These wild animals flash cards are designed to provide an engaging and interactive learning experience for children. Through a guessing puzzle game format, children can discover fascinating facts about various wild animals, including their homes, babies, food, and unique features.
  • Colourful and Fun: The wild animals learning flash cards feature vibrant and eye-catching illustrations of wild animals, making them visually appealing to children. The colorful design enhances the fun element, keeping children entertained while they learn about different species.
  • Guessing Puzzle Game: The game format of the flash cards encourages children to actively participate and think critically. By guessing the answers related to each animal, children develop problem-solving skills and enhance their cognitive abilities.
  • Augmented Reality Integration: The flash cards can be scanned with an accompanying app, bringing the world of animals to life. Children can see the animals in 3D, hear their sounds, and even observe their movements. This augmented reality feature adds an immersive and interactive layer to the learning experience, making it even more engaging for children.
  • The interactive nature of the flash cards keeps children engaged and excited to learn. Additionally, the included app allows children to scan the cards and bring the animals to life, providing an even more immersive learning experience.

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