wonderLearn Jolly Phonics Wheel with Talking Flash Cards Beginner (SATPIN)- Diagraphs, Phonics Flash Cards, Phonics Learning Toy

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About the Product

Introduce sounds and learning in a very fun way using this Phonics wheel. Introduce key sounds to a child, encourage picture word association. Sounds a great way to grasp the English language.

- Teach your kids English language and jolly phonics with these fun educational toys.

- Know pronunciation of words starting with SATPIN, CKEH, RMD, GOULFB, JVW, QXYZ

- wonderLearn Phonics Wheel have a wheel, circular diagraphs, flashcards, phonemes and Velcro, English alphabets. This kit contains everything you need for a creative learning experience for your kids, with a focus on building English language skills, building vocabulary, word pronunciation, phonics building and jolly phonics.

- This is the perfect kit for little learners! All of the toys for kids are designed to be educational and fun, with special focus on building language and concentration.

- Make learning and practicing English fun for your little ones. Enhance fine motor skills, foster language development and more.

- Kids are naturally curious about the world around them, and want to explore! Keep kids entertained and learning with these fun educational toys. This is a great toy for kids aged 4+ and it's a perfect Birthday gift for kids.

- wonderLearn APP: wonderLearn offers the perfect supplement to your kids' current learning experience. This SMART Toy can be played physically while for enhanced learning you can scan the QR code to access digital quiz, puzzle, games on phonics. The app is easy to use and allows children to learn by playing. Children can access several phonics games and classes.

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