wonderLearn 6-in-1 Colour & Shape Block Puzzle- Build Motor Skills, Shape Identification, Colour Matching, Logical Thinking

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About the Product

  • wonderLearn Shape and colour magic cube 6-in-1 puzzle is a classic puzzle cube which will help children learn basic shapes and colours. The 6-in-1 puzzle cube is designed to help children learn: colour shapes, sorting, matching, motor skills, fun and self-correcting. The puzzle cube offers a perfect way to introduce children to shape and colour recognition.
  • The 6-in-1 puzzle includes patterns to help children learn and practice basic shapes and colour recognition. Children will be delighted with the fun and exciting aspects of this puzzle and will have a great time learning shapes and colors.
  • It's a world of magic and wonder in the palm of your hands. 6-in-1 Puzzle is a fun, educational learning toy that helps children understand the world around them and their place in it. A great way to keep children entertained and engaged and a delightful way to teach them about colors, shapes, counting and more.
  • Build Motor Skills, Shape Identification, Colour Matching | 

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