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We provide tiny kids residing in the USA, UK, Canada, Dubai, Indonesia, Germany, and other countries with a wide choice of educational toys and services that make early learning fun.

The wonderLearn Edge for
Indian Preschoolers living abroad.

The wonderLearn Edge for Indian
living abroad.

In India, preschools open at age 2, while in other countries, students learn a little later and face a steeper learning curve in higher grades. The crucial period for brain development and nurturing is between the ages of two and six, so NRI parents constantly want to enroll their children in early childhood education to make up for the learning gap.

Kid-focused activities & learning

Wide range of educational toys available overseas

Multi linguistic educators

Introducing kids to Indian cultures

Bridging the gap in early education for Indian children

Phonics Program

Phonics Program

Learning phonics is fun and easy with our online phonics program of 22 comprehensive classes. Make your child a skilled reader, with strong base in phonics words, an understanding of the sounds of letters and words, and improved communication skills.

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Maths Program

Maths Program

Fun and interactive online math practice kids love! Learn preschool math skills with fun kindergarten math games, fun math worksheets, identifying shapes and numbers with our online math program of 22 classes.

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STEM Program

STEM Program

Fun and engaging preschool STEM learning (science, technology, engineering, and math), to create STEM-literate kids and inspire them for lifetime with our integrated STEM program of 22 classes.

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Support from

Expert Educators...

Personalized live sessions to enable peer-to-peer and teacher-student interaction.

Educational Toys

Toys for preschoolers that are brilliantly made, kid-safe, educational, fascinating, comfortable, and simple to use. Available even for foreign countries.

Learning games

Incorporate your child's curiosity and brain development with best kids games!

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