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Creativity Intelligence in NEP

Creativity is to simplify complex things. It is more of a skill than Inborn talent. Creativity should not be limited to only artistic and musical expression. According to the National Education Policy (NEP) it is allowing us to think about moving from lower order thinking skill to Higher order thinking skill and giving an opportunity to a child that there should be a lot of critical thinking skill.

NEP aims at Multiple Creative Intelligence like Linguistic intelligence, logical mathematical Intelligence, spatial Intelligence, Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Intelligence, and Natural intelligence in children.

How to create a creative Intelligence in children ?

  • Children must be allowed to ask questions -not with suspicion, but with wonder.
  • Give opportunities to showcase their various intelligences. 
  • let the children first choose pleasure not for purpose. Example- let the child read for pleasure and not for purpose.
  • Stop/ avoid rewarding any of the creativity which the child exhibits. Creativity should not be a one time achievement but a continuous process. Hence encourage and appreciate the children to do better each time.
  • Teach multiple ways to solve the problem like - Plan-A, Plan-B, Plan-C.
  • Give them free time and space to showcase their creativity.


Understand the concept of Value Based Learning and its importance for kids.

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